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George Lake

Lake Name: George Lake


  • Location: Oneida County / Southeast of Rhinelander on Highway 8
  • Accessibility: Boat landing with dock on East shoreline
  • Accommodations: Resorts, Campground
  • Surface Water Area: 446 Acres
  • Shoreline: 5.5 Miles
  • Maximum Depth: 26 Feet
  • Water Color: Stained
  • Lake Type: Drainage
  • Littoral Bottom Structure: 55% Sand 20% Gravel 15% Muck 10% Rubble
  • Primary Game Fish Species: Northern Pike, Walleye, Panfish ( Crappie Perch Bluegill)
  • Secondary Game Fish Species: Musky, Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass

Fishing Tips:

Multi Specie tips from Scott Biscobing of Hodag Guide Service

Lake George is a unique piece of water. This lake has many resorts on its shores and sees a substantial amount of boating and fishing pressure, but it continues to produce fish.

This water has a fair to good population of crappies. These fish will congregate in the reeds in the spring to spawn, from there, they will disperse into sunken brush piles and suspend out on the many rock bars I the lake. If you can locate them, you can catch them. As far as size goes, they tend to run in the average 10-12″ but some nice slabs are in there.

Walleye are abundant here. They tend to run in the 12-16″ on average but every year some nice eyes have come out of here I the 27-30″ class fish. The walleye tend to be very rock oriented. Work jigs and live bait up and down the rocks until you fid the depth they prefer at that time.

Bass are available both Large and Small mouth. Cast cranks and tubes along the rock breaks for the smallies and concentrate on the reeds and weeds for the Largemouth.

The northern Pike are weed related. Throw bass spinner baits and small musky plugs to connect with the pike. I prefer white, chartreuse, or orange colors.

Musky fishing is good here as well. I would concentrate on the weed edges early in the year using small twitch baits and bucktails. Do not be afraid to try the rocks as many musky are caught by the walleye anglers. As the year progresses they could be anywhere from weeds to the rocks. When the water begins to cool, I would concentrate on the rocks with cranks and jerk baits.

This lake because of the many resorts does see boat and fishing pressure so early and late would be the ticket here.

Musky tips from John Stellflue of Oneida Esox Guide Service

If you are going to hit George make sure that check out the numerous rock piles and reed beds on this lake. This lake is loaded with awesome looking musky structure and the fish can be anywhere out here. George can also give up some very nice. This is another lake that can see a LOT of fishing pressure so keep that in mind when heading out here. Early mornings and evenings can be your best bet.

The stained water out here calls for bright colored lures. Orange seems to work the best, along with chartreuse and don’t forget bright green.

The fish on this lake will hold in the shallow reed cover. Sometimes the only way to get them is to throw spinnerbaits up into the reeds. If you are just casting to the edge of the reeds it may not be enough. Your casts need to get 2-3 feet into the reeds to contact fish.

One last thing, the fish out here seem to really like tail rotating topwater lures such as Tally Wackers, Stompers and Topraiders.