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Crescent Lake

Lake Name: Crescent Lake


  • Location: Oneida County / West of Rhinelander on Highway 8
  • Accessibility: Boat landing with parking off Highway 8
  • Accommodations: Resorts, Park
  • Surface Water Area: 326 Acres
  • Shoreline: 7.4 Miles
  • Maximum Depth: 32 Feet
  • Water Color: Clear
  • Lake Type: Spring
  • Littoral Bottom Structure: 30% Sand 25% Gravel 25% Rubble 20% Muck
  • Primary Game Fish Species: Musky, Walleye, Panfish (Crappie, Perch, Bluegill)
  • Secondary Game Fish Species: Northern Pike, Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass

Fishing Tips:

Multi Specie tips from Scott Biscobing of Hodag Guide Service

Crescent Lake is a clear water lake. It does get a bit of a bloom at times but stays relatively clear year round. Musky and Walleye are the primary targets here.

Walleye tend to run in the average size with an occasional 5-6 lber being caught. The fish here tend to be weed related and will move in shallow at times. The lake has many fish cribs, which will also concentrate the walleye. The baits of choice tend to be jigs in the 1/16 – 1/8 ounce size tipped with live bait. It takes a little knack to be able to jig them out of the weeds. One might also anchor up and try some slip bobbers in the morning and evening. I have caught walleye all day long out here but overcast days tend to be the best.

Musky also are weed and crib related.  Similar to the walleye the musky fishing tends to be better early and late in the day. Bucktails in natural colors work well here. Jerkbaits and cranks are also wise choices. In the heat of the summer Crescent can tend to be busy with boat traffic, which makes it a good night lake for both Musky and Walleye.

Do not overlook the Bass. Crescent is a good Bass lake. It holds quality largemouth and Smallmouth. The largemouth tend to be weed related. Jig and Pigs would be a good bet here. The Smallmouth concentrate on the cribs and steeper rock and sand breaks.  Tubes and crankbaits work very well in this situation. Panfish are here in good numbers. Mainly it is a bluegill and perch fishery. Fish the weeds with small jigs and live bait.

I would classify Crescent as an action lake with and occasional trophy being caught.


Musky tips from John Stellflue of Oneida Esox Guide Service

Crescent Lake is one of the most popular lakes in the Rhinelander area to fish and with good reason. Crescent has a good population of muskies and can also produce some very nice fish.

The bite on Crescent is usually a weed edge bite. Most of the weed edges can be found along some of the various shorelines. Keep your boat in 14-15 feet of water and cast towards shore. The neat thing about this lake is that it is fairly clear and the fish tend to show themselves very regularly. I have seen upwards of 20 fish in a day while fishing out here.

One unique thing about Crescent is that because it is fairly clear most people think that the lake won’t turn on until several weeks after the opener. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Even though this lake is clear, some of the best fishing of the year out here can be from opening day until the 4th of July.

Once the 4th of July arrives the lake sees a TON of boating and skiing pressure, along with fishing pressure. During this time of year, I resort to night fishing out here.

I like to use crankbaits and bucktails on this lake. Surface baits can also work, but the majority of my fish on this lake come on cranks and bucktails. One of the most productive colors on this lake is blue and white. Try a white bladed bucktail with blue hair and you might be surprised with a big fish.