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Boom Lake Flowage

Lake Name: Boom Lake Flowage
(Boom Lake, Thunder Lake, Lake Creek, Bass Lake, Rhinelander Flowage River)


  • Location: Oneida County/ Rhinelander Wisconsin between Highways 17 & 47
  • Accessibility: Numerous boat landings and accesses
  • Accommodations: Resorts, Park and Picnic Areas
  • Surface Water Area: 1763 Acres
  • Shoreline: 35.8 Miles
  • Maximum Depth: 30 Feet
  • Water Color: Clear
  • Lake Type: Drainage
  • Littoral Bottom Structure: 50% Sand 35% Muck 10% Gravel
  • Primary Game Fish Species: Musky, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Panfish (Crappie Perch Bluegills)
  • Secondary Game Fish Species: Walleye, Smallmouth Bass

Fishing Tips:

Multi Specie tips from Scott Biscobing of Hodag Guide Service

Boom Lake is a flowage of the Wisconsin River.  It has a very healthy and diverse fishery. The flowage has a strong population of panfish with crappie being the most sought after. The crappies are caught year round with spring and winter (late ice) being a couple of the best times. Perch are also available and run good size.

Spring and late ice are some of the best times to fish them as well. Bass of both Largemouth and Smallmouth are here in good numbers. Largemouth in the 6 lb. range are not out of the question. Smallmouth run good size as well 5-6 lb. are available. Walleye are present but are not a primary target on the flowage.

Most of the walleye that are caught tend to be in the river. Musky is one of the primary targets. Boom Lake is an outstanding fishery for musky as it offers both numbers at times but has definite trophy potential.

Muskies in the 50’s are seen and caught annually in the flowage.  Boom is good for muskies year round but in the summer expect some boat traffic so I would suggest fishing early and late. Top water and bucktails seem to be the baits of choice through out the late spring and summer. Jerk baits and cranks really shine in the late summer and fall.

Overall, Boom Lake is a strong fishery with nice fish of all species available.

Musky tips from John Stellflue of Oneida Esox Guide Service

Boom Lake is one lake in Oneida Co. that is definitely capable of producing a giant fish. Every year this lake gives up some really nice fish. The neat thing about Boom Lake is that the fish can be found in basically the same spots from opening day until ice-up. The seasonal movements on this lake are very minimal. If you find them in June, chances are they will be in the same spot in October or November.

Everyone likes to fish weeds and there is not doubt that weeds can be dynamite on Boom, however, DO NOT overlook the wood and rock structure on this lake. Some of the biggest fish in my boat have come from wood and rock structure out of this lake.

My favorite lures on Boom are orange bellied glide baits, gold and chartreuse crankbaits and surface baits. This lake has a great surface bait bite even when it is windy!

On a side note, be careful on this body of water. The submerged stumps and dead heads can be dangerous.