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Hancock Lake

Lake Name: Hancock Lake


  • Location: Oneida County / West of Rhinelander on Highway K
  • Accessibility: Boat landing with dock on Southeast shoreline
  • Accommodations: Resorts
  • Surface Water Area: 259 Acres
  • Shoreline: 7.1 Miles
  • Maximum Depth: 22 Feet
  • Water Color: Stained
  • Lake Type: Drainage
  • Littoral Bottom Structure: 50% Muck 30% Sand 10% Gravel 5% Boulder 5% Rubble
  • Primary Game Fish Species: Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Panfish
    ( Crappie Perch Bluegill )
  • Secondary Game Fish Species: Musky, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass

Fishing Tips:

Multi Specie tips from Scott Biscobing of Hodag Guide Service

Lake Hancock is primarily a weed and wood lake.

Panfish are abundant here but run a bit on the small side. They will concentrate on the bog edges and on the downed wood. Use worms and minnows under bobbers to catch them. The crappies and bluegills will intermingle in the weeds here.

Northern pike are common here. Concentrate on the weed edges with small bucktails and spinerbaits in white or bright colors. There are some nice pike in here but the average will be in the low 20″ to 30″ class fish.

Largemouth are here in good numbers with some quality fish in the 5lb range caught here. The downed wood and bogs tend to be the best producers of the larger fish. Although the slop and lily pads are a ton of fun with top water baits slowly worked over the top. This will get you some awesome blowups with Largemouth.

Walleye are here in good numbers but can be tough to catch. With Hancock’s expansive wed flats the walleye will move around allover in them. I have seen 8+ lb walleyes here. Jigs and minnows worked slowly while drifting through the weeds work the best.

Musky are in good numbers with the average 34″- 42″ most common. Every year someone gets an upper 40 to 50″ class fish out of here. Bucktails and jerkbaits work the best in the weeds. I like perch, and sucker patterns here. This is a good early season bet before the weeds get to thick.

Musky tips from John Stellflue of Oneida Esox Guide Service

Hancock lake is one of the most fun lakes in Oneida Co. to fish. If the fish are on out here the action can be outstanding. It is virtually impossible in this lake to make a bad cast. The entire shoreline can and will hold fish at all times of the year. Some days the huge cabbage beads will hold active fish, while other days the downed timber on the shorelines will hold them, and then other days the fish in the river area by the dam will be very active.

The unique thing about this lake is that the clarity of the water will vary from month to month. In June the water can be fairly clear, then as the summer progresses the water tends to get cloudy, then once the water cools in the fall it will clear back up again. Don’t worry if the water is a little cloudy when you fish it, the fish will still be active, you just need to use brighter color lures such as orange and chartreuse.

I like topwater lures and bucktails on this lake. Topraiders and Hawg Wobblers work well out here. My favorite bucktail on this lake is a white blade and black tail.

In the fall the sucker bite on Hancock can be dynamite. Use 12-18 inch suckers rigged on a quick strike rig and set the hook the instant the musky grabs the sucker. Fish the suckers along the deep weed edges and in the channel area near the dam.